Apple release iOS 4.3

Apple have released iOS 4.3, the latest version of its operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

A new feature is the Personal Hotspot, this allows an iPhone 4 to act as a hotspot allowing other WiFi enabled devices to share the 3G wireless connection. It can be connected to by using WiFi, Bluetooth or USB and it will allow up to five devices at one time.

Apple have also updated the web browser Safari with the Nitro Javascript engine, this will make web browsing faster and also added is AirPlay enabling media from an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to be transferred wirelessly to Apple TV devices.

The update includes wireless printing and multitasking for applications and Apple have also added a bunch of  security fixes in to iOS 4.3.

You can update to iOS 4.3 through iTunes now, and there is a already an unofficial jailbreaking tool out for 4.3 with a final release expected soon, so keep tuned to JBFM for the latest updates.

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Google TV around the corner!

The row that has been going on for a while between Google and manufacturers looks to be over. Google wanted any OEM to introduce their Intel chip into the TV to run google’s service.

Until now manufacturers including Samsung have declined. It now looks that Google have conceded defeat and Samsung for one have been permitted to use Googles service and will likely be released within the next few months.

Google TV incorporated TV, Apps and the entire web all in one. find out more at

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Free Mobile For Nokia Developers!

Nokia has announced that it is giving out a free Nokia E7 to all of its developers. They are also going to give each of their developers a Windows 7 Mobile too! Surely this is going to cost Nokia an awful lot of money but in an attempt to boost their image it could be the answer!

Nokia’s Windows 7 mobile is going to be their primary smart phone device and giving developers the device is a great way of getting users converted.

If only they Apple would get on board with this idea then I for one would be happy!

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Sony S1 PlayStation tablet!

Sony are reportedly working on a PlayStation certified tablet running the Andriod 3.0 Honeycomb software that will have the Qriocity media service (Sony’s on demand service for games, ebooks, music and videos). This comes from the website Engadget who published a lot of information about the device and claims to have had the device confirmed by “trusted and independent sources” .

Details suggest that the tablet will have a 9.4-inch screen, come with preloaded PSOne games and can be used as a Sony Reader. It is also reported that the S1 will have a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 1,280×800-pixel resolution and front and rear cameras.

The tablet is going to have a unique wrap design so that it is easier to hold, which the source says “a magazine folded backwards up itself such that only a single page is visible to read”

The expected launch date is September costing $599 (£370) for the Wi-Fi only version.

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iPhone 5 Latest Rumours!

Rumours have been floating around this week regarding the up and coming iPhone 5. With so many stories going around its hard to know what may be true and what may not! But as iPhone lovers here at JBFM we get excited about every one of them!

The first is that there are currently three different prototypes that are being looked at, one of which supports a slide out keyboard. I’m not sure how well that would go down. Why change something that isn’t broke!

All over the Internet there are sources claiming that the iPhone 5 will support a 4″ inch screen which is larger than the 3.5″ inch we see on the iPhone 4. How much bigger this will make the phone is still unknown. Maybe the home button will be removed? If apple increase the screen size but keep the same resolution then it will no longer be a retina display which was one of the main selling points for the iPhone 4!

Other rumours floating about include the release of the iPhone Nano which we have previously talked about here at JBFM. It looks to be around 2/3 the size of the iPhone 4 and use the same processor. It will be a lot cheaper and will appeal to a huge market across the world. Just think of all those who cant afford or need the computing power of the iPhone 5. It is a sexy and fashionable alternative. Stay tuned for the latest news right here! See full post

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The First Glasses Free 3D Laptop!

Toshiba have unveiled the “World’s First Glasses-Free 3D Laptop”. It was revealed at the company’s showcase of upcoming releases. The laptop won’t be ready for Toshiba’s 2011 line-up and may not be ready for another year.

The laptop uses a camera that detects and follows a users face within a 20-degree viewing angle. The camera will follow the user allowing them to move around and still be able to see the 3D effect but if the laptop loses the face then the image is returned back to 2D.

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